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        "LASER EXPO 2020" came into being at the historic moment, adhering to the concept of "Helping China Intelligent Manufacturing to Build Laser Equipment Fair", focusing on laser production and innovative applications, focusing on the latest research and development achievements of laser technology in automotive, metal processing, electronic manufacturing, integrated circuits, communications, medical, energy, rail transit, household appliances and other industries.


Show Hours

Tuesday,September 02th 09:00-17:00
Wednesday,September 11th 09:00-17:00
Thursday,September 04th 09:00-15:00
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通快激光 大族激光 阿帕奇激光 百超迪能 华工激光 恩耐 普玛宝 宏山激光 楚天激光 锐科 邦德激光 金运激光 海目星 铭镭 高能激光 联赢激光 超越激光 光韵达
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